InTraSys offers two different types of eddy current brakes:


Standard Eddy Current Brakes

Our standard eddy current brakes consist of two firmly connected opposite magnetic strips. An optimized geometry generates a very strong magnetic field which results in a high braking force. The maximum braking force of the eddy current brake depends on the design of the brake, the fin material used and the relative speed between the magnet arrangement and the brake fin.

The eddy current brake can be installed stationary and the brake fin can be installed on the vehicle. On the other hand, the fin can also be installed stationary and the magnet arrangement movable. This is often the case when drive magnet yokes of an LSM are used for braking.

All InTraSys brake projects are dimensioned especially for your application.

Switching brakes

In contrast to our standard eddy current brakes, the braking force of our switching brakes can be changed from the outside and the braking effect can be partially or completely cancelled.

For this purpose, the magnetic strips of the switching brake are moved against each other with the aid of a pneumatic cylinder. In the event of a power failure or fault, the switching brake automatically assumes the active (i.e. fully braking) state. Our switching brakes are therefore „Fail Safe“ like our standard eddy current brakes.

A robust mechanical design allows operation even under difficult environmental conditions.