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Our most important and at the same time most demanding market are the big roller coasters of this world.

Leisure activities such as bungee jumping or paragliding have raised the ‚appeal threshold‘ of many amusement park visitors. Park visitors and internet forums are constantly demanding faster, higher and more breathtaking attractions. Acceleration and speed are the ‚kick‘ factors today and determine the commercial success of an amusement park.

The days of heuristic construction methods are long gone. CAD and computer simulation play a decisive role in the design of attractions. Even at the design stage, computer models must be used to prove that passengers are not overstretched by the forces and accelerations that occur.

Passenger safety enjoys the highest priority under all circumstances. Long-term reliability comes second.

Example on Youtube: Helix. Lisebergs new roller coaster 2014.

2007 Netherlands, Den Haag
2007 USA, Utah
2008 Denmark, Saltum
2009 Germany,Rust
2009 Germany, Sierksdorf
2009 Belgium, De Panne
2010 UAE, Abu Dhabi
2010 Singapur, Singapur
2010 USA, Pennsylvania
2011 Japan, Yamanashi
2011 Indonesia, Bandung
2011 USA, Virgina
2012 China, Wuhan
2012 USA, California
2012 USA, California
2012 Germany, Hannover, tire test facility
2013 China, Shandong
2013 India, Mumbai
2013 USA, California
2013 Germany, Cleebronn
2014 China, Ninghbo
2014 Sweden, Liseberg
2014 Russia, Sochi
2014 Germany, Hassloch
2015 UAE, Dubai
2015 China, Shanghai
2015 USA, Indiana
2015 Finland, Alahärmä
2015 USA, Viginia
2015 Russia, St. Petersburg
2015 Mexico, Monterey
2016 Belgium, Wavre
2016 UAE, Dubai
2016 Poland, Zator
2016 USA, New Jersey
2016 USA, Connecticut
2017 China, Guangzhou
2017 UAE, Dubai
2017 Germany, Bottrop
2017 Netherlands, Slagharen
2017 Finland, Tampere
2017 USA, Florida
2018 USA, California
2018 China, Kunming
2018 USA, Missouri
2018 England, Blackpool
2019 China, Shanghai
2019 Qatar, Doha
2019 China, Shenzen
2019 Belgium, Lichtaart
2019 USA, New Jersey
2019 USA, Florida
2019 USA, North Carolina
2019 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
2019 Germany, Hannover, R&D
2020 China, Ningbo
2020 USA, Kalifornien
2020 Vietnam, Phu Quoc
2020 Germany, Brühl
2020 Poland, Zator
2021 China, Xuzhou
2021 China, Suzhou
2021 Korea, Busan
2021 Korea, Busan
2021 Australia, Coomera
2021 Kazakhstan, Aqtau
2021 China, Nanjing
2021 Belgium, De Panne
2021 China, Ganzhou
2021 USA, Orlando
2021 USA, Orlando