→ 30 Years of Expertise

InTraSys GmbH is one of the very few companies worldwide with more than 30 years of experience with linear magnetic motors and linear magnetic brakes.

→ Our goal

To make the technology of linear motors known beyond traffic technology and to use the potential of these contactless and wear-free drives for industrial applications in transport technology.

→ Safe, durable products

Linear vertical drives, linear horizontal drives and linear eddy current brakes from InTraSys are in use worldwide and are always the first choice when maximum reliability, safety and durability are required.

→ Everything from a single source

From us you get the well thought-out solution for your drive problem.
From the consultation over the product up to the finished plant – everything from one hand!

→ Worldwide references

Magnetic linear drives and linear eddy current brakes from InTraSys can be found in the world&’s large roller coasters, water slides and freefall towers. Several research institutes use the drive technology
for special, high requirements.