No matter whether you use the term magnetic linear motors, long-stator motors, linear asynchronous motors, linear synchronous motors or linear magnetic motors – with us you get the system solution perfectly matched to your requirements.

  • Linear drive systems from InTraSys transmit propulsive forces of up to 200 kN and accelerate objects weighing tons up to 50 m/s (180 km/h) per second.
  • Linear drive technology is used wherever high demands are placed on safety, reliability and freedom from maintenance.
  • The moving vehicles or objects are purely passive and do not require any energy supply for the drive.
  • Thanks to sophisticated control technology and sensor technology, large masses can be moved precisely.
  • Control takes place in real time and centrally via the control centre.
  • Linear drive technology is the alternative when extreme environmental conditions prohibit the use of conventional systems.
  • Linear drives transmit the driving force directly and contactlessly to the part to be moved.
  • The disadvantages of conventional drives (e.g. friction, wear, play, elasticity etc.) do not occur at all.
  • No sensors or electronics are required in the moving vehicles.
  • Our range of services at a glance:
  • Engineering and consulting for magnet technology in general
  • Planning and integration of system solutions for your drive problem
  • Synchronous and asynchronous linear motors (LSM or LIM) with a wide range of power and dimensions
  • Precisely fitting inverters for the drives
  • sophisticated control technology
  • precise sensor technology
  • comprehensible and proven operating software and diagnostics
  • worldwide service via a network of optimally trained partners

Our Business Activities at a Glance

  • Engineering and Consulting in the general field of magnetic technology
  • Planning and Integration of systems to solve your drive problems
  • Linear Synchronous and Linear Induction Motors (LSM or LIM) in a wide variety of nominal power and dimension
  • VFIs, perfectly fitting your drives
  • Well thought-out control systems
  • Precise Sensors
  • Understandable and proven User Interfaces and Diagnostic Tools
  • World-wide After-Sales Service provided by a network of perfectly trained partners

Further Reading

Presentation (in English language) on our linear drives and their system design for download (PDF, 320 k).